iOS 7 Search Bar Style

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A search bar is a common GUI element, usually a single-line text box, for users to enter text to be searched for in a database.

On iOS 7, there are 2 ways to display a search bar: prominent and minimal style.


Prominent search bar style

This style of search bar has a translucent background with the color of the Application bar, if no color is set, the default color (gray) is used. 

In GeneXus, a search bar has the prominent style in the following cases:

  1. The grid and the root table sizes are equal.
  2. The grid is in the first row of the root main table and its width is equal to the table's width.

Note: in the first case, when a prominent bar takes focus, it moves to the Navigation bar.

The prominent search bar style


Minimal search bar style

The minimal style has no background so it uses the grid's background color as its own. A search bar has the minimal style if the grid does not meet the conditions to be prominent.

The minimal search bar style