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If you already developed your iOS app for iOS 6, adapting it for  iOS 7 Overview should be as easy as following these steps:

The simple plan is the following:

  1. Download XCode 5 on your Mac.
  2. Create a new theme for Smart Devices for iOS7. Check out the default iOS7 Theme that has some predefined properties that facilitate the creation of iOS7 apps (e.g:  Padding Top and Bottom in Table.Detail class)
  3. Set the new theme on the iOS7 platforms.
    • If you have sections of link type, you must change the value of the property "Link Class" of the section for “Button.SectionLink” (You need to add the "SectionLink" button class to every theme in order to choose it from the "Link Class" property).
  4. Create the new iOS 7 Icons and Launch Images.
  5. Build and Voila! Your app is already supporting iOS7.

If experiencing any problems with the iOS7 conversion please refer to the iOS 7 Common Issues page.

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