GXflow Client for Smart Devices

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GXflow client for Smart Devices is an example of Smart Devices application aimed to provide some of the functionalities of the GXflow Client, to the end users.

The operations a typical end user can execute in the GXflow client for Smart Devices are: starting new processes as well as visualizing and executing his pending tasks.

Android Screen Captures

i2015-09-0218_53_503_png     i2015-09-0218_50_293_png     i2015-09-0218_50_343_png     i2015-09-0218_51_383_png      i2015-09-0218_53_323_png

iOS Screen Captures

i500x500bb-806_png     i500x500bb-8013_png     i500x500bb-8023_png    i500x500bb-8032_png    i500x500bb-8042_png

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