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GeneXus is able to detect the presence of HTML tags written programmatically by the developer in Client-side Events. This approach behaves as the Format property for Web when used to format plain text at design time for certain string properties. However, in this case, GeneXus guesses at runtime which strings wrote by the developer are formatted with HTML tags. 

HTML tags

The table below shows the equivalence between HTML tags and Format effect names commonly found in text editors.

Tags Format Examples
Input Output
b, strong Bold <b>example</b> text example text
i, em, cite, dfn Italics <em>example</em> text example text
u Underline <u>example</u> text example text
sub Subtext <sub>example</sub> text example text
sup Supertext <sup>example</sup> text example text
big Big <big>example</big> text example text
small Small <small>example</small> text example text
h1 … h6 Headlines - -
font Font face and color <font color="red" size="3">example</font> text example text
blockquote For longer quotes <blockquote>example</blockquote>
a Link <a href="">example</a> example
div, p Paragraph <p>example</p>


br Linefeed ex<br />ample ex


Character entity reference

In addition, the developer can add a character entity reference to the string. All characters have the following format: 
where <name> is the name of the character.

Common character names are listed below with their results.

Name Character   Name Character
quot "   alpha α
amp &   beta β
apos '   gamma γ
lt <   delta δ
gt >   epsilon ε
le   zeta ζ
ge   eta η
ne   theta θ
pount £   iota ι
current ¤   kappa κ
yen ¥   lambda λ
copy ©   mu μ
reg ®   nu ν
trade   xi ξ
plusmn ±   omicron ο
sup1 ¹   pi π
sup2 ²   rho ρ
sup3 ³   sigma σ
isin   tau τ
notin   phi φ
exist   chi χ
forall   psi ψ
part   omega ω
sum   larr
prod   rarr
int   uarr
radic   darr
inf   harr
sub   carr
sup   lArr
nsub   uArr
sube   rArr
supe   dArr
empty   hArr


Note that names are case sensitive. A complete list can be found here.



Suppose that, as a developer, you want to alert the user about a certain action. This can be done using a single invocation of Confirm function before the action section code.

Event 'AddToCart'
        Confirm("<font color='#e68a00' size='3'>WARNING</font><br>Are you sure? It can <b>not</b> be <u>undone</u>")
        Do 'SubAddToCart'

The result of invoking this action is as follows:


Also, the developer is able to format the Form (e.g. promoting some benefit for end users). 
In this case, this is achieved with a single line of code.

Event ClientStart
     Form.Caption = iif(ProductPrice < 100, "This product has <b>Free <i>shipping</i>!</b>", "Detail")




  • If the developer uses NewLine Function and <br /> HTML tag in the same text, the first one will be ignored.



Objects: Panel object, Work With object 
Runtime: Caption property (Form and TabPage) , EmptyGridText property , Msg function, Confirm function 
SD Generators: Android
Languages: .NET, Java



This property is available in GeneXus 15