.NET Core Generator Requirements

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This article states the requirements of the .NET Core Generator requirements for development.


To build .NET Core applications, you need to install .NET 5.x SDK, which is available here: .NET 5 (Current).

If .NET 5 SDK is not installed (*), the following error will be displayed:

"error: Dotnet.exe doesn't exist. Install .NET 5."

or, if a previous version of .NET Core is available, but .NET 5 is missing: 

"error: DotNet version >=5 is required. Your dotnet.exe is X.Y.Z. Install .NET SDK"

Note: After installing the SDK, it is necessary to close GeneXus and open it again..

Optional: Run web applications using IIS

By default, the .NET Core generator runs web applications in the Kestrel web server that is included in the .NET SDK. To run the application with IIS working as a reverse proxy in front of Kestrel,




If the error still persists after installing dotnet SDK, check your PATH environment variable. It may be including the dotnet folder at Program Files(x86) instead of Program Files (due to a previous installation of any SDK for x86), so it only sees the installed SDKs for x86. In that case, try removing the wrong dotnet path from the environment variable PATH and restart GeneXus.