.NET Platform restrictions

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This is a list of restrictions to take into account when producing .NET applications. 

  • .NET does not support Basic Authentication https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35296648/basic-authentication-in-asp-net-core.
  • Support of Cryptography data types (CryptoHash, CryptoSign, CryptoSignXML, CryptoSymmetricEncrypt, CryptoAsymmetricEncrypt, CryptoCertifcate data types) is poor. Consider using the corresponding of the GeneXus Security API instead
  • WMI (the equivalent of JMX in Java) is not available, because that is something specific to Windows and it is also being deprecated in the industry.
  • GUI Reorganizations are not supported (nor the Show Prompt property for reorganizations), since both cases are Windows forms dialogs.
  • Generation of Event Log entries for errors is not supported since Windows Event Viewer is specific to Windows.
  • SOAP native implementation is not supported because of the low support of WFC and CoreWFC on the platform. 
  • GxConfig.exe tool that allows modifying database connection settings at web.config (when using .NET) is not supported since it is a Windows form dialog. As an alternative, you can use GxEncryptCMD to encrypt the desired values to be pasted into appsetting.json file. 
  • Logging to Trace.axd is not supported