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Hi, welcome to the GeneXus Meeting Open Source Project!

Here you can find the Knowledge Base that has been created to develop the Mobile Application and Website for the 29th GeneXus International Meeting.

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The first goal of the project is to make available to the community a fully functional Knowledge Base of a real development using all the features of GeneXus 16 : GAM, Chatbots, AI, Responsive Web Design, Push Notifications, Stencils, User Controls 2.0, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more.

Steps to Run it

  1. Get GeneXus 16 Upgrade 7 (or any higher upgrade or build from the preview or beta channels)
  2. Update Chatbot and GeneXusAI modules in Manage Module References
  3. Download and install these User Controls
  4. Download and install the Web Extension Toolkit
  5. Check out the Knowledge Base GeneXusMeetingKB from
  6. Configure your environment and database information (applications were developed and tested in Java and MySQL)
  7. Rebuild All
  8. Run

Main Objects

Object Name Object Type Functionality
GXMeetingMobile Menu for Smart Devices Mobile application for Android and iOS
GXMeetingTV Menu for Smart Devices Application for Apple TV
GXMeetingWatch Panel for Smart Devices Application for Apple Watch
MainWeb Web Panel Entry point for the website

How to collaborate

  1. Join the GeneXus Meeting KB Collaborators group
    1. Join at the "GeneXus Meeting KB Collaborators" group
    2. Webview, review topics and post at!forum/gxmeetingkb
    3. Email:
  2. Want to use this KB for your meeting? ->
    1. Collaborate by writing down what Objects and resources you needed to change, which steps you performed
    2. If you want to share your changes, ask the manager to open a branch for you.
  3. Want to add some feature? ->
    1. Write a spec and share it with the Collaborators group to discuss the features 
    2. Ask the managers to open a branch for you.
  4. Q&A -> you can help by making good questions ... and even more by helping to answer others! ;)
  5. Share your experience!


This KB has been developed and designed for GeneXus 16.

GeneXus Meeting in action!

GX29 site for Web and Web Mobile
GeneXus Meeting App for Android
GeneXus Meeting App for iOS

GeneXus Meeting KB log

Date Commit # GeneXus version   Detail
2018-12-19 2 GeneXus 16 U2 Preview   The first published version
2019-05-06 - GeneXus 16 Upgrade 3 A new version of the KB called "GX28_GX16_U3" has been created with the stable status of the applications developed for GX28. In Trunk version, the applications for GX29 will start soon to be developed.
2019-12-23 - GeneXus 16 Upgrade 7 A Knowledge Base version with the complete GX29 implementation has been published.


This KB is shared under Apache License 2.0.

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