Caption property

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Sets the text to be displayed by a control (Text Block control, Button controls, etc.)


control. Caption = Expression

Type returned: Text

    Is the name of a control inserted in the form.

    Is the text that will be displayed.


Objects: Panel, Transaction, Web Panel
Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Angular, Java
Controls: Button, Text Block


The Caption property may be used in:

  • The Start event,
  • The Refresh event,
  • User events.

At runtime, any character expression can be assigned to it.

See values that can be set at design time at Dynamic Property Values.

In Web forms, this property determines the text to be displayed in the browser's title toolbar. For other controls, it determines the text to be displayed for the control.

Runtime/Design time

This property applies both at runtime and at design time.


The following rules are defined in a Transaction object:

Form.Caption = 'My Form - Update' if update;
Form.Caption = 'My Form - Delete' if delete;
Form.Caption = 'My Form - Insert' if insert;

In this example, changes in the browser's title will depend on the current mode (insert, delete, or update).

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