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The QueryElements Axis and Visible properties are refactored to ease the process of creating Queries. The objective is to separate the structural representation of a query element from its visualization so they can evolve separately.


The Axis Hidden value is removed and moved to the Visible property; so, it changes from a Boolean data type to an Enumerated three-valued value.

  • Yes: the element is visible from the start, but can be hidden from the UI.
  • No: the element appears hidden from the start, but the user can unhide it with an action.
  • Never: the element is not visible and cannot be changed.

Besides, the Axis property is divided into two properties:

  • Type (Datum|Axis): indicates the function of the attribute in the query
  • Axis (Rows|Columns|Pages): only valid for Type = Axis and only if the query is displayed as a PivotTable.


Objects: Dashboard, Query


The modifications impact the following components:


These properties are converted when opening a Query with version 17 Upgrade #1 or higher in the GeneXus IDE (there are no conversions in GeneXus Server). When saving the Query, they are saved with the new values and the version number of the Query is increased (internally, the version is updated from Version: 3 to 4) so that it cannot be opened with previous GeneXus versions (the version number is controlled in deserialization of the Query object). The version is also controlled in the Import, so it will not be possible to send a Query with a newer version to an IDE or to an older GeneXus Server through export / commit.


The same properties are available within Query objects in a Dashboard. The Dashboard object is converted when opened in the IDE (as well as those that are configured directly in the Query). The new values will only be saved if the object is saved, at which point it can no longer be opened with previous versions of GeneXus.


It is necessary to reprogram the WebPanels where the QueryViewer control and properties are changed at runtime through programming. That is to say, if the &Axes collection is used; more specifically, the Visible or Type properties.

The necessary conversions are as follows:

  • QueryViewer.AllowChangeAxesOrder = <value> must be changed to QueryViewer.AllowElementsOrderChange = <value>
  • If you add an element &Axis to the &Axes collection and set the Visible or Type properties
  • The property QueryViewerAxes changes to QueryViewerElements
  • The property Axes changes to Elements
  • The property Axis changes to Element

Use the following conversion table:

Old Syntax New Syntax  
&Axis.Visible = true
&Axis.Visible = QueryViewerVisible.Yes
&Axis.Visible = true
&Axis.Visible = QueryViewerVisible.No
&Axis.Visible = false
&Axis.Visible = QueryViewerVisible.Never
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.Row
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerElementType.Axis

&Axis.Axis = QueryViewerAxisType.Rows
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.Column
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerElementType.Axis

&Axis.Axis = QueryViewerAxisType.Columns
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.Page
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerElementType.Axis

&Axis.Axis = QueryViewerAxisType.Pages
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.Data
Axis.Type = QueryViewerElementType.Datum
&Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.NotShow
&Axis.Visible = QueryViewerVisible.No

(1) - If &Axis.Type <> QueryViewerAxisType.NotShow
(2) - If &Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.NotShow
(3) - Add an "s" to Row
(4) - Add an "s" to Column
(5) - Add an "s" to Page
(6) - Axis property is ignored
(7) - The values in the Type and Axis properties can be whatever you want
(8) - The second line is only necessary if the output is Pivot Table.

Conversion Example

The following code:

// Code valid up to GeneXus 17
&Axis.Name = !"CustomerName" // Some Attribute
&Axis.Visible = &Visible // Boolean
&Axis.Type = &Type // QueryViewerAxisType data type ('Row' 'Column' 'Page' 'Data' 'NotShow')

Has to be changed to:

// Code valid since GeneXus 17 Upgrade #1
&Axis.Name = !"CustomerName"
&Axis.Visible = &Visible // QueryViewerVisible data Type ('Yes' 'No' 'Never')
&Axis.Type = &Type // QueryViewerElementType ('Axis' 'Datum')
&Axis.Axis = &AxisItem // QueryViewerAxisType ('Rows' 'Columns' 'Pages')

Otherwise, the following error will appear:

// Change True|False to QueryViewerVisible.Yes|QueryViewerVisible.No|QueryViewerVisible.Never
spc0010 Type mismatch in assignment: &Axis.Visible = &Visible (QueryViewerVisible=Boolean).
// Change &Type from QueryViewerAxisType to QueryViewerElementType
spc0010 Type mismatch in assignment: &Axis.Type = &Type (QueryViewerElementType=QueryViewerAxisType).
// Change QueryViewerAxisType.Page to QueryViewerAxisType.Pages and review the conversion table to decide if a new assignment to &Axis.Type is needed
spc0010 Type mismatch in assignment: &Axis.Type = QueryViewerAxisType.Page (QueryViewerElementType=QueryViewerAxisType)


This property is available since GeneXus 17 upgrade 1.

Warning: When using GeneXus Server, updating to version 17 Upgrade #1 or higher is recommended; if Query Objects are used programmatically or saved with v17, it is mandatory.

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