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Unanimo is a Design System that is created to be the soul of the design of mission-critical business applications. It strengthens your design, it adds consistency.

Designed and developed by GeneXus, it is meant to be the next standard default design system and going to be bundled with GeneXus.

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Screenshots are taken from this design and its components: Unanimo

Main features

  • General-purpose: Targeted for Mission-critical business applications, back and front offices
  • Multi-experience: Web, Native Mobile, Chatbots, Inbox-driven
  • Cross product: Generated programs, GAM, GXflow
  • Standard module: Developed in a GeneXus Module, published as a module
  • Built on the latest technology: Design System Object
  • Shared source: Public KB and sources
  • Documented: A Showcase, running app to document each component, control, and style
  • Reusable: License is Apache License 2.0
  • Customizable & Extensible: By you, for your solution, company, or vertical market

HowTo guides

Here you can find some guides to get started, from discovering the design through discovering the KB to creating your first 'Hello World' based on Unanimo.

Note: For a seamless experience using GeneXus, use the latest Beta .

Discover the Unanimo Design

Check a sample reference here

Discover the Unanimo KB

Follow these steps to discover the module and the showcase; the KB and the running app by yourself in your environment.


Create your own Web app based on Unanimo

Follow these initial steps and then scenario 1 or 2 or both, as you wish:

  • Create KB MyKBWithUnanimo
  • Install the GeneXusUnanimo module from the GeneXus Menu > Knowledge Manager > Manage Module References > Global Matrix
  • Create the Design System MyKBWithUnanimoDS with at least this content in the Styles section:
styles MyKBWithUnanimoDS
    @import GeneXusUnanimo.UnanimoWeb;

Scenario 1: Hello World CRUD

  • Create Transaction 'Client' with attributes 'ClientId' and 'ClientName'
  • Apply Pattern WW
  • Run Home
  • Enjoy!


Scenario 2: Hello World Panel

To create a Web Panel with just a Primary Button as shown in Showcase > Controls > button > Primary Button, do this

  • Create Web Panel 'MyWebPanel' and set is as Main object
  • Drag a Button control
  • Set the class property to 'Button Primary' as specified in the Style tab of the Showcase
  • Set the associated event to 'Enter' and program the event
Event Enter
 msg("Hello World!") 
  • Run MyWebPanel
  • Enjoy!


Note: Use and change your Design System, do not change any object of the GeneXusUnanimo module!.

Community Technology Preview (CTP)

As of August 2021, a CTP is available at the GeneXus Beta Channel showcasing the first bits of the Unanimo Design System object and other objects in the GeneXusUnanimo module.

The intention of this CTP is that you have a first approach to Unanimo, and to show you how we are building a Design System

Currently available features

Please take a look also at the roadmap shown below, and send us feedback. Feedback is welcome at the GeneXus Beta-testing google group.

Updates Log


Q2 2022

  • Get Bundled with GeneXus Beta
  • Completeness
    • Native Mobile & Angular
    • GAM back and front office
    • Reporting
    • GXflow standard inbox
  • Improved Pattern, Grids and other reusable components & controls

Q3 /2022

  • Get Released with GeneXus 18