FCK HTML Editor Control

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Allows you to add an HTML Editor in your web applications. You need to define a Character/Varchar/Longvarchar Attribute or Variable and change the associated Control Type property.

Skins Style options at control level:
  • Default
  • Silver
  • Office 2003
Toolbar Available toolbars at control level:
  • Default
  • Basic
  • Custom
  • None
CustomToolbar Add your own toolbars.
Custom Configuration Custom configuration needed for your default toolbars. Check the can3 site for a Custom Toolbar implementation.
The editor configuration parameters can be checked here.
Width Control width.
Height Control height.


iPad support has been added as from GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3.


Objects: Attributes/Variables (LongVarChar data type and VarChar data type)

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