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This is the simplest template:

<%@ Template Language="C#" TargetLanguage="Text" Description="Default Menu." %>
<%-- Hello world template %>
<% for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
      { %>
Hello World <%= i %>
<%   } %>

When executed, this template will generate the following: 

  • Hello World 0
  • Hello World 1
  • Hello World 2
  • Hello World 3
  • Hello World 4

The two most common template tags are used. The <%-- %> tags are used to embed comments in the template; these comments are not generated in the template output. 

The <% %> tags are used to embed code that will be executed during the template execution. It can be C# or Visual Basic .NET code, depending on the content of the ‘Template’ directive. The default code is C#. 

The <%= %> tags are used to write the contents of an expression to the template output. 

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