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The property directive declares properties that will be used as parameters by the template.  For example:

<%@ Property Name="TargetNamespace" Type="System.String" Category="Code" Description="Namespace of the generated class" %>

The parameters are:

Name: The property name must be a valid property name for the target language. For example, if the target language is VB.NET you cannot use ‘Namespace’ as a property name because it is a reserved word. On the other hand, you may use it in C# because ‘namespace’ is the C# keyword, and C# is case sensitive.

Type: The Type parameter provides a valid .NET data type. You need to use the .NET data type (i.e. ‘System.Int32’ instead of ‘int’ as in C# or ‘Integer’ as in VB.NET).
GeneXus metadata has a number of predefined types that are usually used as parameters, such as FrameworkObject, Level, AttributeItem.

Category: The category of the property.

Description: The description of the property.

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