Super App Development

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Developing a Super App is like creating any native app with GeneXus, but you will also have to consider the following: 

  • Provide the communication interface for the Mini Apps that integrate with your Super App
  • Design the UX for the Mini Apps discovery within your Super App
  • Make available a sandbox version of your Super App for testing

The communication interface between Mini Apps and the Super App

A Mini App can require certain actions from its Super App. For that, these services are implemented in the Super App (which can be with or without a UI) and then its API is exposed to the Mini Apps.

As an example, suppose you have a Super App associated with a financial institution, where the users register their different means of payment, among other things. 

The Super App offers a variety of services to its users (shopping in stores, paying for transport, etc.) through different Mini Apps.

When the user carries out a purchase process from a Mini App, the payment will be redirected to the Super App to be able to choose the payment method. Once the payment is completed, the result of the operation is returned to the Mini App. In this way, the user not only does not have to enter their payment methods in each of the services but also the Super App does not share that information with the Mini Apps.

Design the UX for discovering Mini Apps

The second aspect to consider is how the user will access the Mini Apps. For this, you will have to design the UX (screens and interactions) to obtain and display the different Mini Apps. 


As an example, you may want to get all available Mini Apps or just those that meet certain search criteria, or those that are close to the user’s location. 

For this, there is a special module called GeneXusSuperApp, which allows connecting to the Provisioning Server provided by GeneXus and obtains the list of Mini Apps through different services. 

Sandbox Super App for Testing

Those who develop the Mini Apps that will be integrated with your Super App will require access to the services that it displays. To test these services, you’ll have to make a sandbox version of the Super App available, from which they can call the Mini App under development.

For more details, see How to create a Super App?