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Assigns the Object that is to be encapsulated in a Web Component, SD Component  or  QueryViewer control



XXX must be a Web Component, SD Component  or  QueryViewer control.


To be used on a Web Component or SD Component, it has to be used in conjunction with the Create function or CreateFromURL function. See more information on that documents on how to use it.

To Query Viewer, you can set the appropriate object in its properties window, same that for a Web Component control.

To assign in runtime a control name for a Query Viewer control, you must to use the "ObjectName" property.

Object Property QV Example

By example:

QAirlinesStatistics.ObjectName = 'QAirlinesQuery'

where QAirlinesQuery is a Query object and QAirlinesStatistics is a Web Panel containing the control.


Controls QueryViewer control
Languages .NET, Java, iOS (Swift), Android
Platforms Web, Smart Devices

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