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In several GeneXus objects, GeneXus offers pre-defined variables which are of common use. They are named standard variables.

Even though they are not shown by default in all types of objects, if you try to define a variable with the name of a standard variable it will automatically appear with the standard variable definition and you will not be able to define its data type or anything else. In other words, it's not possible to define user variables with those names in any type of object.

Standard variable name Data Type Objects in which it is shown by default Observations
Err Numeric(3)    
ErrMsg Character(70)    
ErrMsgGxRemove   Numeric(1.0) Transaction object  
Line Numeric(6.0) Procedure object  
Mode Character(3) Transaction object  
Mr Character(3)   Deprecated.
It is no longer used.
Msg Character(70)    
Op Character(1)   Deprecated.
It is no longer used.
Outdev Character(1)   Deprecated.
It is no longer used.
Output Character(3) Procedure object  
Page Numeric(6.0) Procedure object  
Pgmdesc  Character(256) Almost all  
Pgmname Character(128) Almost all  
RestCode Numeric(3.0) API object It can only take the values of categories 2xx and 4xx.
For more information see SAC #50865
RestMethod HttpMethod domain API object  
Time Character(8) Almost all  
Today Date Almost all  

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