CMonth function

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Returns the name of the month for the given date in the selected language. If no language is specified, the one selected in the Model Properties is used.

The value 'spaces' is returned if the received parameter is null.


CMonth(Date-Expression | Datetime-Expression [,Language])

Type Returned:

Language must be one of the following:

spa - Spanish
eng - English
por - Portuguese
ita - Italian
chs - Simplified Chinese
cht - Traditional Chinese
jap - Japanese


CMONTH(CTOD('01/01/2013')) // 'Enero' if Spanish is set as the default language.
CMONTH(CTOD('01/01/2013'), 'por') // Janeiro
CMONTH(CTOD('01/01/2013'), 'eng') // January


Objects   Procedure object, Transaction object, Web Panel object

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