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To return a character string with a URL format.


Link(Object | URL [ , Par1 , ... Parn ] )

Type Returned:

Object | URL
Is the Transaction, Panel (Web or Smart Devices) or URL to call.

[ par1 ] ... [ parn ]
The set of parameters to pass to the object or URL.


In Web, the function LINK allows “binding” a Web Panel to another Web Panel or URL. This function can be associated with the property link of a control inside any event of the Web Panel. So, when you click the control, the call to the Web Panel or URL referenced in the link is performed.

In Smart Devices, it is meant to be used in conjunction with CreateFromURL function or a Call Variable; that is to say: The result of the link function may be the input parameter of the CreateFromURL function  used for Dynamic Component Creation or of the Call command to call the program. 


  • The Object can be selected using the option Insert/Object or Ctrl+Shift+J; in the example below, after writing "(" symbol.
    & = link(
  • If you want to call a URL, the URL must be entered between ‘’ (simple/double inverted commas).
    & = link(‘’)
  • If you want to make a link using an attribute that contains the URL or the name of the corresponding Web Panel, you must use the following syntax:
    & = link(att:AplLnk)  // where AplLnk is an attribute of some table.
  • Passing parameters is optional in Web

It can be used without associating it with the property link of a control.

&var = link(MasterLogin) 


Objects: Procedures, Transactions, Web PanelsPanel for Smart Devices object
Languages: .NET, Java,
Platforms: Web, Smart Devices (iOS, Android)

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