Query Object - Troubleshooting

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Query Object

When opening a Knowledge Base with GeneXus 16 upgrade 10 or lower, which has Query object saved with GeneXus 16 Upgrade 11 or higher, the following message is detailed:

Knowledge Base at 'PathToKB' contains items that GeneXus doesn't know how to handle and will therefore be inaccessible.
It is likely that the Knowledge Base has been previously opened with a GeneXus installation which had extensions that are not present in the current one.
These items are:
* 'QueryVersion3' - 'Query Version 3' (GUID 025b1afc-982f-4bdb-8fa0-4c1712cb94fc)
    Provided by 'Artech.GXplorer.BL' (GUID 6818d053-bcb6-46c3-beb9-41a2bd901d88).
Working on this Knowledge Base may lose information related to these unknown items.
Do you want to continue?

Upgrade the GeneXus version to GeneXus 16 Upgrade 11 or higher.

Query Viewer Control

The Web Panel does not show the associated query

The Query Viewer control has assigned a Query in it's property definition. Make sure you have set it in design time

Query Viewer - Troubleshooting 01

or runtime:

QueryViewer.QueryName = &QueryName // must match a Query Object Name.

Error: null when executing a query in runtime

Check the DBMS properties to make sure the connection with the database is set OK.

The Query viewer control is not shown

To view the Query Viewer content, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser, and you need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Download the free player from here, otherwise you could get the following error:

Error: This content requires the Adobe Flash Player (version 9.0.28). [http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/|Get Flash]

The Query object does not exist

When assigning a Query Object in runtime you could get the following error:

Error: The Query with name = myQueryObjectName does not exist

In this case the Query Object no longer exists in the related knowledge base; make sure you set it's name correctly.

The Query object does not executes

If you are upgrading GeneXus, check the compatibility section.