Library List Property

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This option allows you to establish a list of libraries (ListOfLibs) that will be used during the execution of generated Client/Server programs with Db2 for iSeries Native Database Manager.


ListOfLibs is a list of libraries separated by spaces.

How to apply changes

Build any object


All specified libraries must exist in the iSeries server. The specified libraries will be added to the start of the users library list maintaining the order in which they have been written.


Establishing the value for this configuration option is required if you will use RPG or Cobol programs as Stored Procedures (executed in the iSeries server).


Language: .NET, Java, Visual FoxPro, Ruby(up to and including Genexus X Evolution 3) 
Interfaces: Win/Web
Technology to access data: ADO/ODBC/JDBC
DBMS: DB2 for iSeries

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