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GeneXus X Evolution 1 CTP 2, released on October 26, 2008, is a very important step forward in GeneXus X Evolution 1 roadmap. It is the first release having RPG, .Net and Java for Windows and .Net Mobile generators. You can develop applications with these generators even when they are not feature complete yet.

The conversion process  now supports Windows and iSeries applications. It has been successfully tested on many laboratory and customers Knowledge Bases. There is still work to do, mostly, on Knowledge Bases that have evolved since, for example, version 6.0.

CTP 2 has a GeneXus Server Installation Manual "major release". Support for serving more than one Knowledge Base and Knowledge Base Versions was added. It has been in use, for a while, for internal development.

Performance in CTP 2 has been greatly improved. Parallel specification and generation, and optimization of several generation algorithms took specification/generation times down, really down on multi-processor machines. And you may expect more shortly.

So, go ahead and take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 1 CTP 2: faster, more productive, more generators, more team work.

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