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.NET generator gives you the possibility to develop .NET applications taking advantage of GeneXus X Evolution 2.

This page only shows special considerations to features that have been included for all or some other generators too. 
To see all the features it includes, refer to GeneXus X Evolution 2 Overview

New software requirements 

Applications generated by .NET Generator require .NET Framework 3.5 or higher; to compile you need to select the compiler associated to that framework version. For a 64 bit environment, please refer here.

Note that, as stated in the REST Web Services section below, the support of Rest Services has its own new software requirements for runtime.

.Net Framework 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0 support added

.NET Framework 4.0 support has been added so you can execute using ASP.NET 2.0 or ASP.NET 4.0 (since Xev2 Upgrade #2).

IIS version support

A new generator property, IIS Version property, allows to run over IIs7 version (or previous). In IIS 7 it supports Integrated pipeline application pool
This property is needed to taken into account at deploy time.

MS ExcelI 2007 files (.xlsx)  support

A new implementation allows to read and write Xlsx file. This implementation is based on Epplus, for more information please refer here

Prototyping and Deploying using Amazon and Azure Clouds 

With the .NET generator you can choose on which cloud you want to run your app.
Deployment to Artech's servers in Amazon's cloud has been integrated in the GeneXus' build and run process. At the moment this is written, there has been set up already a server,, for prototyping purposes. Check Easy Prototyping: Deploy to Cloud for more information.

To deploy to your own server in the Azure cloud, check this document. Note that deployment to Azure is a feature that is only available in this generator.

REST Web Services

A new way of interoperability is implemented in this version through REST Web Services. This feature is used by the Native Mobile Generator and also by web applications when the Web Service Protocol property is set to Rest Protocol.

In order to implement REST services with .Net generator, URL Rewrite is required. Without this requirement the browser may display the error number 500.1
In order to see more details and troubleshooting of Url Rewrite , you can see here

Build Process

GeneXus' build process creates and configures the IIS server and the virtual directory where the application will run taking into account the IIS version, enabling the required features. Check out the Generation time improvements documentation for more information.


GeneXus standard classes were compiled with the Microsoft 2.0 framework (32 bit).


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