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When validating Rules (Variables, Attributes, Etc.) and a wrong input is set, this property indicates whether to retain focus on the field with incorrect input in order to correct it or move the focus to the next input.


No Enables to continue data input even if any of the previous entries had errors on validations.
Yes Retains focus and forces the user to correct the value to move on to the next field.


Generators: .NET, Java
Level: Version


When this property is set to Yes, the Error Rules that are executed on a field with incorrect input force the user to correct this input in order to continue inserting data in the fields. If it is set to No, Rules are displayed but editing can continue.

This behavior is considered only when editing fields. For instance, if "Stop on Error" is set to No, this Rule:

Error ("Id can't be Empty") if EmployeeId.IsEmpty();

will show the message if EmployeeId is left empty, but it will allow the user to keep editing other Attributes. When the "Confirm" button is pressed, the rule will now act as usual and stop the user until Id is inserted.


The Rules are shown in any values of these properties; the difference lies in the possibility to continue editing new fields or not.

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