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What´s new?

In this version the Statistics Module has been included as well as new features has been added too. See all the information about Workflow in GeneXus X Evolution 2.

GXflow Client Statistics in X Evolution 2

GXflow Client

  • GAM Integration: Now the GXflow authentication method can be GAM (GeneXus Access Manager). See more information here.
  • Statistics Module: Now the gxflow statistics module has been included in GXflow`s client. See more information here.
  • Business Process Animation: Now it is possible to obtain a graphic representation of the process and visualize the order in which the different tasks were executed. See more information here.
  • Email Notifications Customization: Now the email notifications can be customized. You can change the email´s body but also de receivers. See more information here.
  • Deploy Process Notification: Now you can receive an email when a business process diagram has been deployed. 
  • Document metadata: Now the documents can have additional information.


Business Process Diagram

  • Export To XPDL: Now it is possible to export the business process diagrams in xpdl format. See more information here.
  • Selective Processes Deploy: Now it is possible to select the business process diagramas we want to deploy. See more information here.
  • Check Business Process Diagram: Now when saving a business process diagram, a check process validates if the diagram is well formed. See more information here.


Workflow Data Type

  • Workflow Document Instance Data Type has new property ExtendedAttributes, it returns the document´s attributes collection added by the user. 
  • Workflow Role Data Type new properties and methods to obtain processes, activities and roles by GUID.



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