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This set of properties are used to sign the applications (the *.apk binary file).
Property Description Default value
Key Store File The filepath to the *.keystore file, whose value is set on Key Store File property C:\<KB_model>\<Environment>\mobile\Android\<Main_object>\my-release-temp-key.keystore
Key Alias The alias of the *.keystore file, whose value is set on Key Alias property. alias_name
Store Password The key store password to access the *.keystore file, whose value is set on Store Password property. artech
Key Password The key password to access a particular key pair's private key.  artech

The developer must change this values when the application is in Production (the default certificates are for prototyping purposes only). Once the application is signed with this configuration, every future update must require the same certificates (i.e. when is published in Google Play or distributed internally).


Alert: As of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 2 there is a new default setting. Google Play will refuse your application if the developer tries to upload it with this certificates.

Property Default value
Key Store File   C:\<genexus_dir>\Android\debug.keystore
Key Alias androiddebugkey
Store Password android
Key Password android

Those developers who have applications already in Production without change the previous default certificates, as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3 they must set these properties with a legacy values (described in the below table).

Property Legacy value
Key Store File   C:\<GeneXus_Dir>\Android\legacy.keystore
Key Alias alias_name
Store Password artech
Key Password artech


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