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The iSeries environment has special restrictions and considerations regarding the Submit usage.

When external programs are used, the program must be in the job's library list in which the Submit command is executed.

Notice that the submit-parms parameter is ignored on all generators except for GeneXus iSeries Applications.

The submit-parms parameter defines a string delimited by commas, which is used to specify job parameters in batch mode. The contents of these parameters are structured as follows:


The possible KEYWORD values and their meanings are detailed below: 

Keyword Description Default value
JN Descriptive Name of the job to be executed (**) * JOBD
JDF Represents the name of the job description file (**) *USRPRF
JQ Is the name of the job queue to which the job is to be sent. (**) *JOBD
JQP Represents the job queue priority. (***) *JOBD
PD Is the name of the printer that will be used to print all the information generated by the job. (**) *CURRENT
PQ Is the print queue to which all information, generated by the job, is to be sent. (**) *CURRENT
H Allows one to indicate if the job is to be retained in the jobs queue. (****) *JOBD

(*) External Program
(**) It is a string made up of letters or numbers. It must start with a letter, spaces are not allowed, and it cannot exceed 10 characters.
(***) It is a number between 1 and 9.
(****) The valid values are 'Y' and 'N'.


Numeric parameters will be passed to the called program in zoned format. These may only be taken into consideration when using external programs.

When using an external program, make sure not to use invalid Cobol characters ('_', ñ, etc.).

SUBMIT is implemented by means of the generation of a CL program for each SUBMIT (rule, method or command) that exists in the application. These CL programs will actually perform the SUBMIT and will be called from the corresponding program (COBOL or RPG). The command to be executed is the following:

SBMJOB CMD(CALL PGM(Program) PARM('Parm1Val'…. 'ParmNVal’)) [JOB(Vjn)] [JOBD(Vjdf)] JOBQ(Vjq)] [JOBPTY(Vjqqp)] [PRTDEV(Vpd)] [OUTQ(Vpq)] [HOLD(Vh)]


In the following example, the submit command is used to call a program called ‘Prog’, transferring it &A and &B as parameters and some special iSeries parameters.

Event ‘UsrEv’
       Submit(‘Prog’,’JN=GENINVOICE JQ=BATCHQUEUE JQP=3 H= N’,&A, &B)

The command will be used to submit a program called PROG, using parameters &A and &B. It should be executed as GENINVOICE in the jobs queue BATCHQUEUE, with priority 3 and it is not to be retained in the jobs queue.


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