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Executes a program asynchronously. The main program flow will continue processing immediately.


Submit(pgm, submit-parms[, parm1, … , parmN])

    Is the name of the GeneXus object or an external program to be called. If a GeneXus object is used, the only valid objects are Procedures that do not require screen (i.e. Asks and Confirms). If an external program is used, the name is a string and must be written between quotes or apostrophe. It cannot be a variable.
    This parameter is only used in iSeries applications, all other generators will ignore the parameter.

 parm1, … , parmN
    Are optional parameters that can be sent to the called object with some purpose (and they must be received in the called object by declaring them with the Parm rule. These parameters can be attributes or variables. Expressions or constants are not supported.


Objects: Procedure, Transaction, Web PanelWork Panel


  • In Java, a pool of threads is used, and it should be managed editing the client.cfg file and changing the SUBMIT_POOL_SIZE entry.
  • For GeneXus 9.0 or higher versions, we recommend using the Submit method.
  • The Client WebSession is not available in the submit procedure.

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