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The Visual Basic Generator has special restrictions and considerations regarding the Submit usage.

If the procedure called by means of the submit (rule, method or command) is located in a folder different from the application folder (exe or dll), when the application is deployed for production a file with INI extension must be generated to indicate the procedure location.

The file must be called with the same name as the main object (exe for Win applications and dll for Web applications) making the call by means of submit. Besides, a section called GxFiles must be created with the following input:

SubmitPath=<Path where the exe is located>

If there are more than one main object making a submit, an INI must be generated for each one; the path must end with \

If the call is made from a Web Panel and the procedure is not found, the following error occurs:

   Error Type:
   HObjectname_WebObj (0x800A0035)
   File not found
   /cgi-bin/hobjectname.asp, line 13

   POST 25 bytes to /cgi-bin/hobjectname.asp

   POST Data:


There is a main object called Testing making a submit to a procedure called Process.


Assuming that the .exe procedure is located in the  c:\files folder, the testing.ini file must be created with the following information:


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