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Executes a program asynchronously.


Submit(pgm, submit-parms[, parm1, … , parmN]) [if cond];

    Is the name of the GeneXus object or an external program to be called. If a GeneXus object is used, the only valid objects are Procedures that do not require screen (i.e. Asks and Confirms). If an external program is used, the name is a string and must be written between quotes or apostrophe. It cannot be a variable.
    This parameter is only used in iSeries applications, all other generators will ignore the parameter.

parm1, … , parmN
    Parameters received by the program to be called. These parameters can be attributes or variables. Expressions or constants are not supported.


Objects: Transaction


Executes a program asynchronously; the main program flow will continue processing immediately.

Note: For GeneXus 9.0 or higher versions, we recommend using the Submit method

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