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This property is only enabled when GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) is not used in GXflow. It applies to GXflow Menus and GXflow Actions. This property sets which roles will have the Menu or Action available in its GXflow Client General Structure.


Public All functional1 roles will be able to use the action—see/open it. This is the default value.
Manager Users with GXflow Manager2 role will be able to use the action.
Administrator Only users with GXflow Administrator role will be able to use the action.

Note1: Functional roles do not include GXflow Administrator, GXflow Manager, GXflow Backend Administrator, GXflow Form Designer or GXflow Security Administrator.

Note2: Users with GXflow Administrator role will also be able to access items when the Access Level is set to "Manager"; in other words, the GXflow Administrator will be able to access all the same items as the GXflow Manager.


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How to apply changes

Changes are applied once the MenuComponent or Action is created—or updated.

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