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Online Shop is a Responsive Web Applications sample, generated using GeneXus 15.

What is the example about?

This is a sample of a shopping cart web site, where the user can select from a list of products, add them to his shopping cart and also to his wish list, and confirm the purchase order any time he wants.
The purchase order confirmation generates a PDF report and leaves the order in a "pending to be confirmed" status.

The application is supported by any web browser and any device.
Version 2:

  • The detail of the products is shown using a responsive carousel.

Application Frontend captures

Online Shop Sample product cart - tablet

Product Catalog Sample - ipad Online Shop Sample -iphone

OnlineShop using Responsive Carousel

GeneXus features

Feature KB Version Objects Comments
GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) Trunk Frontend: all the objects are public other than the "confirm" action in Productsincart object, and the "Submit Review" action in DetailTabReviewsRWD object.
Backend: all the objects are private. The permission required to execute these objects is "is_gam_administrator". See RWDMasterpage object.
Responsive Web Design in GeneXus Trunk All Web objects are responsive, including the Frontend and the Backend of the application.
Conditional Class Properties for Themes Trunk The Flat Theme defines several conditional classes. Some of them are: OptionalColumn and WWActionColumn (used in the Column Class property of grids of prompts and ww objects).  
Work With Patterns for Web Trunk The Backend of the application (which entry point is ShopBackEnd object) links ww objects generated by the Work With Pattern for Web.
The ShopBackEnd object uses the Tab control for Web Panels.
Web Smooth UX Trunk All the model gives a smooth web user experience.
Web User Experience property is set to Smooth.
Single Page Applications Trunk As Web User Experience property is set to Smooth, Single Page Applications are used.
Server.Socket external object Trunk The DetailTabReviewsRWD object uses Web Notifications feature to allow the user to send a review of the product. See the Requirements for Server.Socket external object.
User Controls Trunk The user controls used is Star Rating, which can be downloaded from the Genexus Marketplace.


Functionality KB Version Comments
Payment using PayPal Upgrades for version 2

Object of the KB: ProductsIncart.

See HelpPayPal document object of the KB.               
The solution uses HttpClient data type to call the PayPal APIs.

Responsive Carousel UC Upgrades for version 2 Object of the KB: ProductsDetail

Main Objects of the application

  • Frontend main object: Homecatalog.
  • Backend main object: ShopBackEnd.

Requirements to run this sample


OnlineShop in action!

Web View See it in action here.

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