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Static reports are Procedure objects whose output can be in text or graphic mode. This variation depends on the report's configuration and layout, and the mode selection, in particular, depends on the printer to be used.

There are several printing scenarios depending on some aspects that we'll describe below, and there is an optimal solution for each one.

Silent Printing

For intranet applications (like supermarkets), the best option is "silent" printing - that means to bypass the print dialog altogether, or automatically print when the dialog appears. 
In general, in this scenario the application isn't published on the internet because it is an intranet application, so one characteristic is that the browser to be used can be determined beforehand. Also, the browser settings can be adjusted according to the corresponding requirements.

This kind of printing (also called kiosk printing) could be necessary for applications where an end user is printing on a frequent basis (like a cashier does). It's very common to use ticket printers in this case.

In this scenario, text reports can be implemented, and this makes more sense for client-side printing. Read about server-side and client-side printing below.

Client-side vs. Server-side printing

In a Web environment, reports can be printed using the server printer or the client printer (where the browser runs).

The choice depends on whether the printer is going to be connected directly to the server (in other words, the printer driver is installed on the server) or accessible from the client.

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