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Graphic reports can be printed on the server in Web Applications, depending on certain aspects of the platform that will be explained below.

PDF Reports are a particular case of graphic reports, and they are the preferred solution for this scenario.

The alternative to PDF is to use the Report Viewer to implement them. Since the Report Viewer is a solution based on the rbuilder.dll and gxdib32.dll (32-bit compiled .dlls), it's not the most appropriate solution to use on the Web Application Server. The Graphic report output property is used to determine the way in which the reports of the model will be generated (only Java).


The PDF report has to be configured considering the following:

The printer can be changed at runtime and its settings can be adjusted, using the gxprn.ini file and the Printer rule.


In the .NET generator, it's supported as of GeneXus X Evolution 2 upgrade 6. It's not supported on Windows 8 and Acrobat Reader 11. See sac 36254.

In the Java generator is only supported in Linux (it’s not supported in windows environments).



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