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Reports in text mode can be printed on the server using the Report Viewer or natively (.gxr and .txt reports, respectively), depending on certain characteristics of the platform. This will be dealt with in more detail below.

Report configuration

The report has to be configured considering the following:

Server Side printing

Java Generator

In the Java Generator, the Text report output property indicates whether the text report will be printed using the Report Viewer or natively.

With the Report Viewer, the output text will be printed using rbuilder.dll and gxdib32.dll. A 32-bit JVM is required on the machine where the report runs (more information: sac 20155); since the solution is based on (32-bit, compiled) .dlls, this isn't the best solution for Web applications. The best option is to set Text report output property = "Text" for printing on the server in Web Applications.


Server-side printing of text reports is supported in Java as of GeneXus X Evolution 1 upgrade 3, only for the Linux platform (Text report output property = Text).

As of GeneXus X Evolution 1 Upgrade 4, printing of text reports (Text report output property = Text) is supported on the Windows Server. In this case, the Tomcat server has to be started as a process (not as a service).

Changing the printer is not supported either on Windows or Linux servers, so the  Printer rule is ignored and the print command is always set to the default printer 

NET Generator

Not supported.

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