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Usually, in smart device applications, an end-user executes a certain sequence of actions on a panel whose effect should alter the information displayed on another panel once the end-user access it. Here the primary activity is the reaction to the receipt of semantically significant signals (a.k.a. 'events'). This goal can be achieved in GeneXus through the Global Events concept.

Steps to use them

1) Look for the GlobalEvents external object, under GeneXus/Common folder in the Root Module of the Knowledge Base.
Global Events - Salto - Create EO

2) In the Events section, create as many events as you need simply by pressing "Enter" on the node. For each of them you must do two things:

  • Set the Internal Name property for the new event
    Note: If you want to trigger this event from an offline procedure you must set the iOS External Name and Android External Name properties with the same value in lowercase.
  • Ensure you have the Is static property to True.

Optionally, you can enter a parameter sequence and the Domain each one belongs to.

Global Events - Salto - Create events

3) Once the events are created, you can call or catch them from Panels or Work With for Smart Devices objects, as shown in the Usage Example section below.

Usage example

Suppose you have two independent Panels for Smart Devices called “Sender” and “Receiver”. The “Sender” will send information to the “Receiver” to update its data. The following table shows how they interact in this simple example.

- Send a signal - Show how many times it receives the signal
- Send a Numeric and a String value entered by the user    - Show the last Numeric and String values received
Global Events - Salto - Sender panel Global Events - Salto - Receiver panel
Event 'Signal'

Event 'Send'
Event ClientStart
    &Count = 0

Event GlobalEvents.AnEvent()
    &Count += 1

Event GlobalEvents.AnEventParm(&OneNumeric,&OneString)
        &Numeric = &OneNumeric
        &String = &OneString

Once the “Sender” and “Receiver” panels are designed, you need to create a new panel with two components and embed the panels in them to see the results in-line.

In-line view
Global Events - Salto - In-line view panel

The final behavior (in an Android device) will be as follows:
Global Events - Salto - Final result


Objects  Panel for Smart DevicesWork With for Smart DevicesOffline Procedure object
Generators  SmartDevices(Android,iOS)
Connectivity  Online, Offline


This feature is available as from GeneXus 15.

  • Support for triggering global events from Offline procedures in Smart Devices applications is available as of GeneXus 15 upgrade 12.


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