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Four properties are available in the Tab class in Smart Devices Themes that help developers easily customize the appearance of the tab strip.

Name Description Scope
Tab Strip Background Color Color of the entire strip of the tab. If the tab page has a background color, it will remain above. Android, iOS
Tab Strip Elevation  Numerical value that allows adding shadows under the tab strip. Android
Tab Strip Indicator Color Color to underline a tab (Android) or override the keycolor (iOS) when the tab is selected. (1) Android, iOS
Tab Strip Separator Color Color to underline the entire tab strip. iOS

(1) For iOS is available as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3.



  1. The Indicator and Separator colors are a rename of the Line color property (available in previous GeneXus versions). The property has been split in two, applying each one to Android and iOS respectively, because they have different purposes. The first one refers to the tab selected, and the other one to establish a limitation between the strip and the content page.
  2. The Elevation property takes effect if the tab has Background color in its content (not in the tab). Remember that there are two properties associated with tab theme class: Background color and Tab Strip Background color. The first one paints the content (by default it is transparent), and the second paints the tabs.
  3. In Android, the Dashboard Tabs strip is at the same level as the application bar - helpful to follow the Material Design guidelines.
  4. In Android, the Dashboard Tabs takes its Indicator color from the Accent color by default.


Theme class: Tab

Languages: .NET, Java

SD Generators: Android , iOS



This property is available as from GeneXus 15

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