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Registering a channel

To create a channel, you need to be registered.
The Register option will display a form to enter your username and other details.
Once you have logged in with your username, you will be able to create a channel from My Channels -> New Channel option.

Defining its fields

After creating a channel, you can define its fields from the Fields tab.

For each field, the following is defined:

  • Its name and description
  • The type of data it measures (Numeric, Geopoint, Character)
  • Visualization type
  • Order of display
  • Formula: A Field can be calculated from other Channel Fields. 
    For example:    
    • Field1: Body Weight (A person's body weight)
    • Field2: BMI (Body Mass Index) = Field1 / (1.8*1.8)
  • Exclusion Filter: When this filter is used, the data received will not be stored in the database.
    At present DELTA is available. In the  FilterValue procedure, more filters can continue to be added.
    DELTA compares the received value with the previous value stored. 
    DELTA = 0 means that if the value received is the same as the previous value stored, it is not saved in the database. An example of use may be: when we're saving the status of a gate (open or closed), if the status = open arrives and before that the same status had already arrived, this data will not be saved. It will only be stored when the status # open is received.
    For other scenarios, it may be useful to define:
    • DELTA >= number
    • DELTA <= number
    • DELTA <> number

Sending field data

To send sensor data in order to store it, a POST to the URL below has to be made: 
POST (BaseURL)/rest/iotserver/channels/update/rest/iotserver/channels/update
  TimeStamp=07/04/2016 04:53:32 PM

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