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It is modeled in a rather generic way so that it can be applied to any project.

Channels (Nodes)

Information is organized around 'Channels' (ex: MyHouseChannel). Each Channel can receive up to 8 'Fields' (e.g. Temperature, Humidity, etc.).

Channels can be:

  • Public. Anyone can access them. It is not necessary to be registered to see these Channels.
    See Public Channels by accessing: (BaseURL)/iotserver.channels.ui.web.publicchannels.aspx
  • Private. Only you and people you allow can see them. Registration is required to access them.

Channel data is updated by a POST, e.g.:

POST (BaseURL)/rest/iotserver/channels/update
  TimeStamp=07/04/2016 04:53:32 PM

Fields (Sensors)

Each Channel's Field can have many visualization types:

  • Timeline: Only shows sensor data in a timeline
  • Timeline per hour: Shows data 'grouped' in Hours. For each Hour, Min, Average and Max values are displayed
  • Summary: Shows the Last value, Minimum, Maximum, Average, First value and Sum
  • Last: Only shows the data's Last value
  • Timeline with discrete values: Shows sensor data in a timeline; the data will have discrete values.





Timeline per Hour









Timeline with discrete values



Channel members can define the best visualization for each Field. A Field can be 'public' or 'private' (only Channel members can see it).

A Field can be calculated from other Channel Fields. For instance:
Field1: Body Weight (A person's body weight)
Field2: BMI (Body Mass Index) = Field1 / (1.8*1.8)

A Field can have a Range of values. For instance: BMI range:
From 15 to 20: Underweight
From 20 to 25: Normal
From 25 to 30: Overweight
From 30 to 35: Obese
Over 45: Out of Range


It is possible to define the rules that will be triggered by the various alarms depending on the values of each field. For example, when a battery has less than a certain voltage, it means that its charge is low and an alert may be triggered (through a push notification or an email) and sent to the corresponding people.
Each user will see his/her channels and will be able to share them with other users.
This entire metadata is defined in the backend.


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