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This article shows you an example of a Scripted Chatbot generated by the Chatbot generator. It consists of a citizen's service which provides information about the consumption of energy, debts, and other queries related to that topic.

Since this chatbot doesn't use NLP, it has the following characteristics:

Conversational Flow Instance - properties - v18

  • The "Menu" is a Flow which has a Response with a message specifying the commands that the chatbot expects.

Conversational Flow Instance - Menu Flow - v18

Scripted Chatbot - v18 - sample

  • The Trigger Messages of each Flow are exactly the commands that are expected as user inputs.

Chatbot - energy Claim Flow - Trigger messages - v18

  • The conversation has a state, so the user can go into the nested Flows, and his inputs are always saved. This is solved automatically by the Chatbot Generator.

Chatbot sample - v 18 - inputs saved.

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