New Object dialog updated in GeneXus 17

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The "New Object" dialog has been updated in GeneXus 17.


You may notice some new categories that group types of GeneXus objects.

You can also note some new types of GeneXus objects offered (like the API object).

Also, remember that some types of objects have been renamed.

If you select the category ALL, you will see all the types of GeneXus objects sorted alphabetically. You can resize the "New Object" dialog as you wish to view fewer columns or as it is more comfortable for you:


Renamed objects

Type of object name until GeneXus 16 Upgrade 11  Type of object name since GeneXus 17
Panel for Smart Devices Panel object
Menu for Smart Devices Menu object
Theme for Smart Devices Theme object
UI Test for Smart Devices UI Test object
Theme for Web Web Theme object
UI Test for Web Web UI Test object
Master Page Web Master Panel object

New objects

Object that is no longer offered in the "New Object" dialog

The Work With for Smart Devices object is no longer offered in the "New Object" dialog.