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As more devices, software platforms, frameworks, and languages become available in the market, GeneXus generates code for or supports them. Also, it is necessary to refer to them precisely and choose terms so as not to get confused. Concepts evolve, and so does the GeneXus language. 

This is why as of GeneXus 17 new terms are used in the product and related materials.

For example, in GeneXus 17 the Smart Devices Generator is called Native Mobile Generator. This is because it clearly generates Native applications (for Android and Apple platforms). The Angular generator is not included, as it does not generate native mobile apps. Together with this change, GeneXus 17 tries to eliminate the term "Smart Devices." This has been achieved to a high degree and what remains will be removed in the near future.

Besides, the following types of objects were renamed as shown below:

Panel for Smart Devices Panel object
Menu for Smart Devices Menu object
Theme for Smart Devices Theme object
UI Test for Smart Devices UI Test object

In the same way, the terms "Smart Devices" and "SD" were removed (in most cases) from control names, properties, etc.

Additionally, references are no longer made to iOS but to Apple (because that generator also generates apps for watchOS and tvOS).

Moreover, for Web Panel objects, when an Abstract layout is used to edit their screens, the Web Form has been renamed to Web Layout (following the same criteria as in the Panel object).

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