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Specifies the way collections are serialized in Json format.


Sequence Serializes as a plain sequence of collection elements.
Wrapped Includes the collection name item. This is the default value.


Objects: Structured Data Type
Level: SDT level node


Important: This property is taken into account only when the SDT is a parameter of an API object. It is not taken into account in Procedures or Data Providers exposed as REST.


A Structured Data Type is defined as follows: 

Countries  Is Collection = True
       CountryName     Character

It is using an API object:

    ListCountries(out:&Countries) => ListCountries(&Countries);

Where ListCountries Procedure is defined in this way:


&country = new()
&country.CountryName = "UY"

&country = new()
&country.CountryName = "BR"

It could be serialized as follows:

  • Wrapped:
  {"Countries": [{"CountryName": "UY"},{"CountryName": "BR"}]}
  • Sequence:
[{"CountryName": "UY"},{"CountryName": "BR"}]


This property is available since GeneXus 17 upgrade 4.

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