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The Procedure object can be exposed as a Rest web service through the following configuration:

REST Procedures must be called through HTTP POST method and always use JSON data representation.

The endpoint URI for Procedures is:

<server uri>/rest/<procedure>

​​​​​ If the Procedure belongs to a Module, the endpoint URI is

<server uri>/rest/<module>/<procedure>

For example, if the module is "module2" under "module1", the URL would be: 

<server uri>/rest/module2/module1/<procedure>

When calling the Rest procedure service, the parameters have to be sent to the service in the body of the HTTP request and have to be in JSON format.

Java: The URI always without package name (only with the name of the Procedure).


  • The parameters have to be in CamelCase in the JSON body (according to the parameters of the parm rule of the Procedure).
  • With respect to consuming a Rest service (it can be generated by GeneXus or not), GeneXus provides the OpenAPI import tool.

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