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This document explains how to consume a Procedure exposed as Rest web services in GeneXus by showing you an example.

Here, a Procedure exposed as a Rest web service which only receives simple parameters and doesn't return any is consumed.

In the example, the "AddCustomer" Procedure is declared as REST web service in GeneXus, so the following properties are set as described here:

  • Expose as web service = true
  • Rest protocol = true


The procedure receives "in" parameters in order to add a Customer to the corresponding table:

Parm Rule:



   CustomerId = &CustomerId
   CustomerName = &CustomerName
   CustomerBirthDate = &CustomerBirthDate

In order to call AddCustomer as a REST web service, you should use HttpClient data type. A GeneXus client should look as shown below:

// http://server:8080/BaseUrl/rest/AddCustomer
&httpclient.Host = 'server'
&httpclient.Port = 8080
&httpclient.Secure = 0
&httpclient.BaseUrl = 'Baseurl'/rest
&body = &customersdt.ToJson() //&customersdt is a variable of CustomerSdt data type which is an SDT that includes the CustomerId, CustomerName and CustomerBirthDate items.
&body = '{ "Customer":' + &body + '}' 

//Then process the HttpClient response.

Download the sample from Sample consuming a Rest procedure

As shown in the example, the parameters are sent in JSON format in the body of the HttpRequest; that's why in the example the method to convert the data contained in an SDT to JSON format is used.

Also, pay special attention to the line:

&body = '{"Customer":' + &body + '}'

It is necessary to wrap the &Body parameter, in this case inside the 'Customer' key, because the REST program generated by GeneXus wrapped all the input parameters.  

This is particularly necessary when the REST service receives more the one input parameter, for instance: 

parm(in:&Customer, in:&Mode, out:&CustomerId, out:&Message);

The rest protocol expects a valid JSON, and this is always in the form of {Field: Value, Field: Value,..}, an array [Field: value, Field: value] or a combination of both. So in that case you can't send something like this in the body:

{"CustomerId": 1, "CustomerName": "Paul", "CustomerBirthDate": "1977-01-18"} "INS"

as this is not a valid JSON.

So, it has to be sent like this:

{"Customer": {"CustomerId": 1, "CustomerName": "Paul", "CustomerBirthDate": "1977-01-18"}, "Mode": "INS"}}

Note that each parameter is wrapped with the name of the parameter in the parm rule.

Note: GeneXus provides the OpenAPI import tool for consuming a Rest service, whether it's been generated by GeneXus or not.

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