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Unanimo is a Design System that was created to be the soul of the design of mission-critical business applications. It strengthens your design and adds consistency.

Designed and developed by GeneXus, it is the next standard default design system and is bundled with GeneXus.

Main features

  • General-purpose: It is targeted for mission-critical business applications, and back and front offices.
  • Multi-experience: Web responsive, Native Mobile, Chatbots, Inbox-driven.
  • Cross product: Generated programs, GAM, GXflow, Chatbots, and Dashboards.
  • Standard module: Developed in a GeneXus Module, published as a module.
  • Built on the latest technology: The Design System object defines style features for screen controls, in order to achieve increased abstraction in the app design, allowing for easier reuse and assembly.
  • Shared source: Public KB and sources. Downloadable Sketch Libraries.
  • Documented: A Showcase, a running app to document each component, control, and style.
  • Reusable: The license is Apache License 2.0.
  • Customizable & Extensible: By you, for your solution, company, or vertical market.

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Spanish version | Portuguese version

Spanish version | Portuguese version

Spanish version | Portuguese version


Since GeneXus 18 it is the default Design System in new KBs.

Note: Unanimo for Native Mobile and Angular is still in Beta. Upcoming upgrades of GeneXus 18 will improve and polish its UX and support.

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