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GeneXus X is the new GeneXus version which facilitates the expansion of business knowledge to Web 2.0, thanks to a highly intuitive development environment, greater collaboration among developers and extended ability to integrate various technologies. 

It has a new, extensible and customizable IDE.  Documentation is collaboratively developed. It automates the creation of applications with pattern-based development. Formulas are much easier to define and use. It has an integrated business process designer, incorporates multi-tasking features and allows for greater code reuse. It allows easy integration of Web Services, XML, Java classes and .NET assemblies.
Knowledge bases are converted automatically from previous versions and stored in SQL Databases. Instantly, converted applications acquire Web 2.0 characteristics.

This new GeneXus version is characterized by Usability, Integration, Extensibility, Web 2.0 Generation and Productivity.


it provides a more intuitive development environment that is context-oriented and dedicated to meeting the needs of developers, which optimizes both its use and learning curve. 

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it enables the entire development team to work in an integrated way, thus enhancing productivity and the quality of applications.

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it allows integrating knowledge and third-party features to the IDE and end applications, boosting the power and productivity of GeneXus and generating better applications.

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Web 2.0

it facilitates the development of Web 2.0 applications, which are very complex for the developer, thus reducing development times.

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several functionalities make it possible to code less and declare more, as well as to reuse the generated code. In addition, higher usability, integration and automation make development simpler, more effective and productive.

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