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Indicates the attribute or SDT member returned by a Data Provider whose data (descriptions that contain semantic meaning) will be displayed instead of the corresponding identifiers.


Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Java, Android, Angular, Apple
Controls: Attribute/Variable (Control Type: Dynamic Combo Box, Dynamic List Box, Edit)


This property is available for attributes/variables whose InputType property is set to Descriptions.

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design time.


Consider the following Transaction objects:



Suppose that, in the Customer Transaction, you set the InputType property of the CountryId attribute to Descriptions.

After that, you have two configuration options for the same attribute/variable (in this example, CountryId):

1) Set its Data Source From property to Attributes (this is the default value).
2) Set its Data Source From property to Data Provider.

When choosing option 1) you must configure the Item Values property and the Item Descriptions property with attributes.

So, for the same attribute/variable (in this example, CountryId) set:

  • Its Item Values property to CountryId (this configuration will be done by default).
  • Its Item Descriptions property to CountryName.

Thus, on the screen, the CountryId attribute will be “disguised” as CountryName. End users will see a field to type/select a CountryName, but the attribute is CountryId. 

When an end user types/selects “Uruguay”, an internal search is performed to retrieve the CountryId value that corresponds to "Uruguay". That value (for example: 1) is stored in the CountryId attribute. For the end user, this is totally transparent.

When choosing option 2) you must configure the Data Provider property to a name of a Data Provider object that is in charge of loading an SDT collection that loads the Item Values property and the Item Descriptions property.

The first numeric member and the first descriptor member of the SDT returned by the Data Provider are automatically assigned to the Item Values property and Item Descriptions property. You can update these default values.

Note: Although in this example the CountryId attribute configured is in a Transaction object, it could be a &CountryId variable present in a Web Panel object or Panel object.

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