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NOTE:] BETA 2 IS NEWER ! Go to the Beta 2 page!

GeneXus X Evolution 1 Beta 1, released on December 29, 2008, is a very important step forward in GeneXus X Evolution 1 roadmap: all Evolution 1 generators are ready to go. Now you can select among Java (Web or Windows), C# (Web,  Windows or Mobile), Ruby, RPG, Cobol and VFP (C/S and DBFs).

GeneXus X Evolution 1 Beta 1 also includes:

  • GeneXus Server Installation Manual
    • Try it at It is an online GXserver with public projects awaiting for your collaboration. Please feel free to share your own project there.
    • Send Knowledge Base to server easies setting up a knowledge base in the server
    • RSS service to view latest changes to a KB in the server
    • Test Knowledge Base connection from server main page
    • New MSBuild tasks to automate build process
  • Change Defender
    • Propagate Version
    • Propagate Changes
  • Major performance improvements in:
    • Data Type selection in large Knowledge Bases
    • .Net Assembly Inspector
    • Report editor
    • Generation time
  • Text Form and Layout editors
  • References Window
  • Output Window

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