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GeneXus X Evolution 2 has been released!
Please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 for general info.

The Beta 1

Please subscribe at in order to get instant access for downloads and support through the beta testers forum assisted by the development team and the whole GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Tester community.

Documentation is being improved - check out all the documents associated to this wiki category.

The product at this moment supports application development for Android 2.x (Ruby serving on the backoffice). New platforms and improvements will be added day by day, stay tuned.

A first night build has been released on October 29th, 2010 and Beta 1 has been released on November 5th.

Follow the Twitter hashtag #xev2beta to get instant news.

And now, let's make ideas happen!

Steps to Beta Test

1) Subscribe and download at

2) Install GeneXus and start it. Now you have to ask for licenses, the process will require you to be connected. Licenses will be automatically be sent to you by email and last 30 days (you can ask for new ones whenever you want all the times you want). Authorize your GeneXus installation. 

3) Install Prerequisites: Android emulator, ruby support et al. See this for more information

4) Check out My first Android application (check out all about Smart Devices Generator here.)

5) Enjoy!

6) Send feedback to the Beta testers Forum and stay tuned 

What's new?

Check GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Night Builds to know the lastest news.

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