GeneXus Smart Devices Generator Cross Platform Limitations (X Evolution 2)

Unofficial Content

Some new features of the Smart Devices Generator have not been implemented yet in all platforms or already appear in the IDE but aren't implemented in all platforms or generators. This page is intended to list those so that you know what doesn't work where yet.

Disclaimer: All the many, many Features not mentioned here are already implemented in ALL platforms.

Feature Android iOS BlackBerry Ruby Java .NET
Controls - SD Leaves Pending OK Pending      
Controls - Group Pending OK OK      
Controls - SD Geolocation OK OK Pending      
AddressBook.RemoveContact() Pending OK OK      
AddressBook.ViewContact() Pending OK OK      
Conditions - Advanced search - Alpha indexer OK OK Pending      
Conditions - search option for individual fields Pending OK Pending      
Dashboard - Control Tabs OK OK Pending      
Ads OK OK Pending      
Push Notifications OK OK Pending      
Remote Push Notifications OK OK Pending Pending Pending  
Geolocation API - other methods than MyLocation OK OK Pending      
Local Notifications OK OK Pending      
Badges Pending OK Pending      
Horizontal Grid control OK OK Pending      
Touch events OK OK Pending      
SD Advanced Image control OK OK Pending